The ice rink according to Wikipedia


According to Wikipedia, an ice rink is a space in which the ground is a thick layer of ice. But for us, obviously it is much more than just that.

For us, ice has been our passion for 25 years. Through the latest technologies and advances, we have managed to bring ice to the hottest cities in the world where naturally it could never have formed that magical ice layer that allows us to slide on it.

On the one hand, we have what we call "natural ice". It is the water that freezes naturally with low zero environmental temperatures, typical in the two poles of the earth, mountains and Nordic countries like Iceland in the photo below.

Then, with the advance of the technology, the human being has been able to freeze water through chillers, just like the refrigerator in your house. We call it "artificial ice" and it has allowed us to make tracks of "artificial" ice (which means with the help of a machine, not natural) anywhere in the world, as in the photo below.

And finally, we have "synthetic ice" that is not really water, nor is it ice as we know it. It is a high density polyethylene panel and we call it like that because it simulates real ice skating.