What are the components of an ice rink?


Basically, a natural frozen ice skating rink is made of three different components that complement each other to form a whole:

  1. The refrigeration floor
  2. The perimeter fence
  3. The chiller plant

1. THE REFRIGERATING FLOOR: The refrigerated floor is an interconnected network of pipes that, if it is a temporary and mobile ice rink, can be placed directly on top of any level ground. In the case of installing a permanent ice rink that will be operative for more than 6 months a year, it is mandatory to cover the floor first with panels or an insulation system to avoid the disastrous effects of permafrost.

2. THE PERIMETER FENCING: The fence is necessary to limit the perimeter of the ice sheet. Besides, it offers security to beginners skaters as it allows them to support themselves at all times.

There are two types of fencing: 

  • The leisure fence for temporary ice rinks: For this type of fencing there is no current type of regulation, but it is recommended that it has a height of 100 to 110 mm. The support of each fence freezes inside the ice without the need to be anchored to the ground. This type of fence can be made of wood, white polyethylene or transparent polycarbonate. We even have a tubular fence.
  • The professional fence for permanent installations and official competitions: There is a very strict regulation to be followed, both in dimensions and materials used. 

3. THE COOLING PLANT: The cooling plant is the heart of the ice rink. It is a machine designed especially to control the temperature of liquids. It is also used in the chemical industry or in the harvest, but in our case, we need it to lower the temperature of our water / glycol mixture to a maximum -12ºC. It incorporates an industrial pump that pumps the liquid without rest through the refrigeration floor, 24 hours a day. It requires a specialized technician for its correct configuration in the start-up. They are very resistant machines manufactured to work for months in the open without rest and with a minimum of maintenance.