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What are the components of an ice rink?

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The refrigerant floor in white or black EPDM

Do you know the difference?


EPDM is an elastic polymer (rubber) that offers a perfect combination of flexibility, conductivity and resistance to low temperatures and, therefore, is the type of soil par excellence for use on ice rinks for more than 25 years . It is the most economical version of the two. 


The white EPDM has the same characteristics as its black version, but has the important advantage that white reflects the sun's rays and, therefore, does not absorb heat. This translates into a considerable ENERGY SAVING of +/- 60% on the electricity bill. It is the most expensive version of the two. 

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The perimeter fence of the ice rink

We offer 3 different models

Tubular fencing

It is the most economical fencing system in the mar-ket today. The supports freeze inside the ice. Made of galvanized iron. Assembly without tools and easy transportation.

Wooden fencing

An elegant and warm wooden fence reminiscent of the ice rinks of Nordic countries. Easy assembly and anchoring into the ice. It allows the placement of publicity on both sides of the fence.

White or transparent fencing 

Galvanized iron structure covered with a panel of white High Density PolyEthylene or transparent PolyCarbonate. The supports freeze inside the ice sheet and do not require any tools or anchoring in the ground. Ideal to give an elegant touch to your ice rink. There is also a translucent version to incorporate colored lights.

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The chiller plant

The heart of the ice rink that runs 24 hours

The cooling capacity that we recommend for the machine depends on the size of the ice rink. The general rule is that the bigger the track, the more powerful the chiller must be!

We offer world-renowned brand machines with maintenance service and warranties included BOTH FOR SALE AND FOR RENT

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How do we install a natural ice skating rink?

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